Barbie: True Representation


Today consumers expect brands to stand their ground on cultural issues and beliefs. And Barbie’s belief has always been to inspire girls to pursue their dreams. But true inspiration requires true representation.

So we launched a Barbie to honor Ibtihaj Muhammad. A Muslim. A Young Woman. And an Olympic athlete who embraced what made her stand out. The one-of-a-kind doll was a clear statement in a year of division and hatred. Giving the world a new perspective on tolerance. On acceptance. On understanding.

As The New York Times said, this new Shero was a stellar example of “breaking social boundaries.”

More than 600 earned news stories aired in the United States generating 1.6 billion impressions. Not to mention an additional 1 billion impressions in the Middle East.

And perhaps most importantly, the doll is now being mass produced.

SHORTLIST: Cannes – PR; SABRE North America Awards