Case: Studytracks

Case Study

High-school aged boys are 50% more likely to fail their exams and classes than their female classmates. This is often referred to as the “reverse gender gap.”

This issue is currently being addressed by school boards and institutions worldwide. What about the boys struggling today?

When award-winning songwriter George Hammond-Hagen saw his son struggling to prepare for a big physics exam, he took action.

His idea? Mash up what kids are into (music) with what they need to be more into (school).

And we made it a reality – Studytracks, an app that takes homework and turns it into lyrics over a beat.

To date, Studytracks has 250,000+ users and adding 20,000 more per month. Students can access 1,000+ tracks on 55 subjects.

WINNER: Cannes Mobile Lion (Bronze)