Wexley School for Girls is a Seattle based marketing and advertising agency and "fan factory" that creates and sustains a lifetime of loyalty and attention among clients and consumers. Founders and creative directors Cal McAllister and Ian Cohen established Wexley School for Girls in 2003 and have built a roster of national brands through an integrated approach that spans traditional, digital, disruption, experiential and web. Accounts include Amazon, Brooks, Campari, Darigold, HomeStreet Bank, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Seattle Sounders FC, Value Village, Virginia Mason Medical Center, and Seattle's Best Coffee.

  • Cal McAllister

    CEO/Executive Creative Director/Co-Founder

    Cal McAllister
    (As told and typed by his 6-year-old niece, Louisa.)
    Uncle Cow is a man, and he is nice!
    He is a joyfle man. He has 2 neeses, and 1 nefuwe. He likes chikins. He has soft scruffy hair. He has a nice wife named Amanda who takes showers 100 times a day. He has a verey good tast. He is a strong man. He is a writer at Wexley School for girls. His favorite house anamle is a dog.
    And he is a verey good prson. He is a nice, and cinde friend. He likes bar-ba-qie. He is a funny man, and is 42 years old. He is a asom prson, he is hansome, and a verey good dresser. He has 2 tatoos. He likes playing soccer. He takes shorter time in the bathroom than his wife. He has a verey smart brain. He is a little strange sometimes! He is a verey good worker. He stays up really late. He has an ipod. His favorite song is: Happy Birthday! His favorite person is Amanda. The best thing he has ever done in his whole life was his weding day. His favorite memory of being a kid is playing stik ball in the summer with his brother.
  • Ian Cohen

    Executive Creative Director/Writer/Co-Founder

    20 years ago Ian Cohen, who hails from Durham, North Carolina, landed his first writing job with a small agency in Seattle that specialized in outdoor sports then worked at Wieden & Kennedy on Nike among other leading brands. As one of the lead creatives, he gets what Sierra Trading Post needs, as he’s worked for clients such as The North Face, K2 skis, Olin skis, Raleigh Bikes, Cascade Designs, and Diadora. At Wexley his main clients include Microsoft, Seattle Sounders, Seahawks, Value Village and SBC. He founded the agency with Cal McAllister in 2003.