Our philosophy is that the best branding always starts with clearly defining the “Why”—as in, why does this company exist. When our agency was started it was designed to help our clients grow their sales and their awareness in the market. While that is still at the core of our mission, we’ve evolved through the years to deliver on much more for our clients.

Who are we today? Why does Zozimus exist? To help our clients realize their dreams.

This includes helping to discover and refine those dreams as we march toward realizing them by applying the perfect mix of strategy, creative might, digital performance, PR pixie dust and je ne sais Zoz. From owning your category and enhancing your brand’s appeal to expanding your reach and conquering the world, we’re here to help. And to remind you that no dream is too big.

  • Craig Herrick

    Craig Herrick

    Executive Creative Director

  • Tom Lee

    Tom Lee

    Senior Partner

  • Michael Wilmot

    Michael Wilmot

    Executive Vice President, Director of Client Relations

  • Nick Lowe

    Nick Lowe

    Senior Partner

  • AJ Gerritson

    AJ Gerritson

    Senior Partner