Brand Identity & Differentiation - Change It Up

Case Study

  • Social Media
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • influencer campaign

DENIZEN from Levi’s, was a growing brand that offered modern style at affordable prices for a younger, digitally native audience. However, the brand relied on legacy equity from the larger Levi’s portfolio and could not stand on its own. Outspent in the fashion category and with limited floor-space visibility at key retailers, they had to establish their own identity within the larger portfolio, the category at large, and be sought out in-stores and online. We discovered this audience had one thing in common— a deep-seated value in experiences (over material items) to foster self-expression and self-improvement. Then, we honed in on this insight and re-defined the brand's style as a beacon of optimism and self-expression. We developed DENIZEN’s first ever brand campaign that uprooted the unattainable tropes of the fashion industry and acted as a rallying cry for audiences to express themselves—a call-to-action to “Change it Up” and celebrate the things that make them unique.
We created over 200 pieces of content across digital, social and OOH, that utilized paid media to hone in on targeting, further moving the audience down the purchase funnel.
8 million total impressions
93% video completion rate
41% increase in social engagement
21% lift in e-commerce traffic
Influencer engagement rate 2.5x above the industry benchmark