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SkinnyPop pioneered the better-for-you popcorn category and rapidly became a top-selling brand. But over time, the category was becoming increasingly crowded, and for the first time in its history, SkinnyPop was feeling the heat from competitors. The brand partnered with McJ to create its first-ever national campaign.

Recognizing that “skinny” is what resonates with consumers, we saw an opportunity to own the positive side of “skinny” and to do so with humor. Our positioning — A Surprising Pop of Levity — became the foundation for a refreshingly light-hearted voice in an otherwise serious, diet-focused category.

Creative focused on those relatable moments where we knew mothers were consuming ready-to-eat popcorn and was placed on social and around entertainment, targeted to important binge-watching and live TV moments.

The campaign saw year-over-year sales double, contributing to a successful acquisition by The Hershey Company.