Cello Cheese - Cheese Confidently


  • video
  • photoshoot
  • campaign
  • creative
  • campain management
  • Product Launch
  • voiceover
  • Campaign Launch
  • cinematography

Cello is a specialty cheese brand in the Schuman Cheese portfolio that offers an assortment of premium cheese in an elevated-yet-unpretentious way, with quirky creative and tone of voice. Cello Cheese lets you Cheese Confidently.

As a relatively new brand, Cello was the new cheese on the block in a crowded space and is only sold in-store. Ruckus had a simple directive — drive customers to stores that carry Cello so they can Cheese Confidently.

Ruckus deployed a digital-first media strategy, complete with custom branded content based on the campaign platform of “Cheese Confidently.” The result was a stark increase in fans and foot traffic.

The taste of Cello has been described as poetic. In order to stay with the fun and quirky values of the Cello brand, Ruckus carefully scripted the Voice Over read as a limerick poem across all video.