Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    What is Agency Compile?
    Created in 1999 by Pile and Company, Agency Compile is a website for marketers looking to find their next agency partner or simply research the agency landscape.
    What is Compiled?
    Compiled is a daily email featuring creative, cases and news from the industry’s leading agencies. You can subscribe here.
  • Marketers

    What’s the best way to use Agency Compile?
    You can use Compile in a few different ways. Search for agencies directly from our homepage search bar or use our advanced search to get a targeted list. You can also discover agencies by browsing the most recently added content in your homepage feed.
    How do I search?
    If you already know what you’re looking for, simply type your query into the search bar on the homepage or in the top navigation anywhere on Compile. Not quite there yet? Use our advanced search to turn unique search criteria into a targeted long list of agencies. Search by agency, location, clients, capabilities or all of the above.
  • Agencies

    How do I register my agency on Compile?
    Registering is as easy as typing in your agency’s name and your contact info, but if you stop there, your profile won’t look so hot. So after registering, be sure to head to your dashboard to input important stats about your agency as well as creative, cases and news.
    When I try to register my agency, I get a message that it already exists. How do I gain access to our profile?
    Complete your register form and follow the steps to join your agency’s profile. We will verify your request to join within 24 hours. Once your account has been linked to your agency’s profile, we’ll shoot you an email and give you the green light to log on.
    When I try to reset my password, I receive a message saying my email doesn’t exist.
    This means that your email, for whatever reason, may not be not in our system. If you go to our register page, input your info and request to join your agency’s profile. We will verify your request and then email once your account is linked.
    How do I reset my password?
    Just click forgot password on the login page and you’ll receive an email prompting you to reset. Please see above if you receive a message that your email doesn’t exist in our system.
    How do I add more team members to my agency’s profile?
    First, log in. Then select “Account” in the upper right corner of your dashboard. Select “Team” from the menu on the left. Invite new team members by using the “Invite” button on the right. Input their information and invitation will be sent to them via email.
    My agency has multiple offices, should we create a profile for each?
    If your offices pitch together, we recommend creating one profile for all. If you pitch independently, create a profile for each office and include each office’s location in the name. If you’re creating multiple profiles, contact us and we can create a single login to make updating easier.
    How many cases and pieces of creative can I add to my agency’s profile?
    No limit! Give us everything you’ve got!
    How is content featured on my agency’s profile homepage?
    When adding creative, cases, news and clients to the “Edit” pages in your dashboard, select “Sort,” e.g. Sort Creative, on the left. The Sort section/tab is where you can drag and drop your content to the top. The content featured on your homepage will be highlighted in orange.
    How is content ordered after selecting?
    Use the drag and drop function within the “Sort” section of your creative, cases, news or clients tabs. Keep in mind the orange highlighted content at the top will be featured on your profile’s homepage. If you choose not to order your content, it will appear in the order it was uploaded.
    Can I use my agency’s blog posts as news?
    100% yes.
    Should I include content from past clients?
    Yes! Marketers and consultants want to see prior work as well. Just be sure to include the end date when adding past clients.
    What media types do you support?
    YouTube and Vimeo. If your content is not hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, we also provide the option to upload PDF or image files.
    What will I see on my agency profile’s analytics page?
    If you have an enhanced or premium profile you’ll see page views, which can be sorted by year, month, week and day; a geographic heat map; and your profile’s most popular pages. If you have a basic profile, you do not have access to your profile’s analytics. Upgrade here!
    What will I find in my inbox?
    Your inbox is where we get in touch about new features and other exciting Compile news. Your inbox is also where you can get in touch with Pile consultants using Pile Post.
    What is Pile Post?
    From new business wins to campaign launches, Pile Post is your guaranteed way to get your agency news in front of Pile consultants. Pro tip: send these quarterly so consultants stay in the loop without experiencing inbox overflow.
    I have confidential work I want Pile consultants to see, but can’t post publicly. What do I do?
    You’re in luck! Creative and cases can be uploaded privately for Pile eyes only. When adding private creative or cases, simply check off “Private Content (for Pile Consultants only).” Your work is now only viewable by the Pile team. The process is the same if you’d like to convert public content to private.
    How do I get my agency featured on the homepage?
    The content on the homepage feed pulls from recently uploaded creative and cases, so update your agency’s profile often to get featured!
    My profile is out-of-date and I don’t have logins. Can you update for me?
    Unfortunately, no. Agency profiles can only be edited by agency team members. If you do not have access to your agency’s profile, register as a new user and we can link you to your agency’s profile.
    Where can I change my membership plan or edit my billing details?
    Billing information can be accessed by clicking on the “Account” icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, and then selecting “Billing” from the dropdown menu. Billing details can also be found in your dashboard. You’ll see “Billing” in the left-hand menu.
    How can I manage my email subscriptions and preferences?
    Enter your account section and select “Subscriptions” from the left-hand menu to edit your email preferences.

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