Client Start Year End Year
Trojan Condoms 2018 Current
Hubspot 2021 Current
Etsy 2020 Current
Diageo 2013 Current
Comcast 2016 Current
Carl's Jr. / Hardee's 2019 Current
BETMGM 2019 Current
AutoTrader 2019 Current

72andSunny is a full-service creative advertising agency with offices in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney.

And, no, our name isn’t about the weather in Los Angeles—it’s a statement of optimism. This company was created to be oriented around possibility, and free of ego and cynicism. It’s how we’re wired as humans, how we engage with our client partners, and how the work we create lifts people up. Optimism fuels a competitive, can-do spirit that sees opportunity in everything—and won’t stop until we realize it.

We believe in the power of creativity to change culture. And we get out of bed every day ready to solve your toughest problems, and make your brand matter.

Although we’re an advertising agency, creativity is not an ad—it’s a mindset we bring to everything we do to drive impact for brands and (when we do our job right) change the world for the better.

  • Carlo  Cavallone

    Carlo Cavallone

    Co-Chief Creative Officer/Partner

    Carlo is dedicated to growing diverse and talented individuals across 72andSunny, while focusing creative excellence for our brand partners. Hailing from Italy, Carlo has worked for multicultural companies in both the Netherlands and the US for the last 20 years. His work experience covers most categories, from sports to technology, from food to cars. Throughout his career he's always tried to make work that resonates with people on an emotional level and drives culture.
  • Marianne Malina

    Marianne Malina

    President, North America

  • Lora Schulson

    Lora Schulson

    Director of Production

    As the Director of Production for 72andSunny, Lora believes in making work in fast and innovative ways, while maintaining a high level of craft and creative excellence. She was early to take the pledge to Free the Bid (now Free the Work) in 2016, and continues to be committed to the ongoing fight for equal and diverse representation in the industry, through production and in the work. As a founding leader of the New York office 7 years ago, she helps run a thriving, culturally vibrant business and is constantly working to ensure 72andSunny's creative output is aligned with their vision. She has produced some of the most memorable and awarded advertising of the past decade for brands; Smirnoff, Cheerios, Skittles, Apple, Southern Comfort and Nike to name a few. She has been included in The Adweek 50 of 2019, Adweek’s Creative 100 List and Business Insiders 30 Most Creative Women in Advertising. Lora is a native New Yorker, raised in Soho.
  • Tom Naughton

    Tom Naughton

    Executive Strategy Director

    Tom oversees the Strategy Department ad 72andSunny NYC