Success today depends on how relevant you can be to your customers and employees at any given moment. We create growth through relevance at the speed of life.

We see around corners by connecting industry-expertise and analytical precision with ambitious, empathetic creativity. We solve every challenge with impactful, scalable, tech-powered ideas that create meaningful value. We simplify by turning our rigorous inputs into delightful outputs—and valuable human experiences.

  • David Droga

    David Droga

    CEO & Creative Chairman

  • Sarah  Thompson

    Sarah Thompson

    Global Communications Lead

  • Neil Heymann

    Neil Heymann

    Global CCO

  • Nick Law

    Nick Law

    Global Design Lead

  • Bob Markham

    Bob Markham

    President, North America

  • Massimo (Max) Morielli

    Massimo (Max) Morielli

    President, Europe

  • Flaviano Falerio

    Flaviano Falerio

    President, Growth Markets

  • Baiju Shah

    Baiju Shah

    Chief Strategy Officer & Global Product Innovation Lead

  • Todd Schwarz

    Todd Schwarz

    Global Technology Lead

  • Jeannine Falcone

    Jeannine Falcone

    Global Marketing Services Lead

  • Glen Hartman

    Glen Hartman

    Global Commerce Lead

  • Jatinder Singh

    Jatinder Singh

    Global Intelligence Lead

  • Navine El-Warraky

    Navine El-Warraky

    Global Industry Lead

  • Olof  Schybergson

    Olof Schybergson

    Global Impact Lead

  • Courtney Russell

    Courtney Russell

    Co-Lead, Brand & Digital Engagement, NA

  • Dean Challis

    Dean Challis

    Media Lead, NA

  • Alex Woods

    Alex Woods

    Head of Brand, NA

  • Jason Michaels

    Jason Michaels

    Co-Lead, Brand & Digital Engagement, NA

  • Navid Madjidi

    Navid Madjidi

    Strategy Lead, NA

  • Jason  Kreher

    Jason Kreher

    CCO, NA

  • Danelle  Faust

    Danelle Faust

    Financial Services Category Lead, NA

  • Scott Chinn

    Scott Chinn

    Production Lead, NA

  • Matthew Pharr

    Matthew Pharr

    Intelligence Lead, NA