Client Start Year End Year
Google 2016 Current
Ecolab 2023 Current
TikTok 2023 Current
Aurora 2022 Current
YouTube 2022 Current
Pfizer 2023 Current
Solana 2022 Current
Audible 2021 Current
Niantic 2020 Current
Axios 2020 Current

An experience without intention is just an event. To stand out, an experience must be approached with purpose. We've got that mastered.

As advocates of your brand, we make sure purpose is at the core of the experiences we craft. And with curiosity as our superpower, we leverage it to develop a profound understanding of both your business and your audience.

Then we take that understanding and combine it with our event expertise to do the thing we do best: create experiences that make an impact.

  • Petra Cooper

    Petra Cooper

    Group Lead - Business Development

  • Carolyn Hallowell

    Carolyn Hallowell

    Head of Creative

  • Sarah Bohline

    Sarah Bohline

    Group Lead - Client Services

  • Lia Racanelli

    Lia Racanelli

    Head of Strategy

  • Josh Sharp

    Josh Sharp


  • Jeremy Rose

    Jeremy Rose


  • John  Legittino

    John Legittino


  • Ben Adams

    Ben Adams