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Every year, YouTube tasks ADVOC8 to pull out all the stops in a time-honored tradition of year-end gifting for their top creators. We start by digging into the cultural zeitgeist to see what energizes creators. In 2022, creators were feeling nostalgic, seeking inspiration from throwback vibes. We took this strategic insight and dove into serious creative ideation.

We made the House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable the centerpiece of the gift, personalized with each creator’s YouTube channel name. We amped the personalization with a vinyl LP featuring each creator’s favorite genre of music, bespoke album jacket art, and a curated collection of each creator’s “greatest hits.” We packaged everything in a fully custom box that doubles as an album holder for creators’ vinyl collections.

1,361 gifts were thoughtfully packaged and shipped to creators in 50 countries and translated into 23 languages. We ensured all sourced production materials and processes were sustainable.