Client Start Year End Year
Costa Farms 2021 Current
Mike's Hard Lemonade 2016 Current
White Claw Hard Seltzer 2016 Current
Hard Rock 2020 Current
Stewarts Soda 2020 Current
Monaco Board of Tourism 2016 Current
Rockland Flooring 2018 Current
FitVine Wine 2019 2022
Rubio's Costal Seafood 2020 2022
American Gem Trade Association 2016 Current

Business problems aren't solved with creativity. Creativity is subjective. That's why we dive deep in each brand to understand its inner workings in order to create, disrupt, and take market share from those who refuse to do the work.

The first step in elevating a brand is willingness to dive beneath the surface. It takes courage and commitment, but we don’t embark on this journey alone.

We invite your team to be an integrated part of ours, assuming the role of creative,
strategist, and brand champion, as we navigate deep into uncharted waters. We rely on our clients as partners to be engaged in the process from concept to execution. We use their insight in addition to segmentation data, like-industry data, competitive data, and consumer behavior to shape our creative and media strategies. It’s important to us to set those standards ahead of time. To assume anyone has the immediate answer or formula is a disservice to any brand or partner.

In the end, our drive matches yours. Your success determines ours.

That’s our Squid Pro Quo™.

Our Services:
Strategy & Planning
Brand planning and development | Competitive analysis | Brand management consulting

Traditional Communications
Branding and identity design | Visual design and packaging | Copy development | Print, radio and video services | Traditional campaign development

Digital Communications
UI/UX | Web/mobile applications | Website design and development | Digital media production | Integrated campaign development

Media Planning & Buying
Planning | Strategy | Digital campaign placement | Traditional campaign placement | Integrated campaign placement | Advanced measurement strategies | In-depth reporting metrics | Budget management | Media reconciliation and actualization

  • Brent Marmo

    Brent Marmo


    Brent has owned and operated agencies his whole career and is connected to some of the best and brightest talents in Minnesota. He has worked with some of the world’s best brands including KLM, the French Government Tourist Office, Toro, Estée Lauder, Arctic Cat and Cargill. In the world of communications, Brent believes in holding a grand scale strategic vision while executing in a day-to-day tactical reality. When he’s not at his desk, he’s most likely volunteering at the Washburn Center for Children, where he serves on the Emeritus Board, or with Appetite for Change Board helping them to secure funding and expand their mission of using food as a tool to build health, wealth, and social change.
  • Miles Marmo

    Miles Marmo


    A has-been professional athlete, Miles moved on to create a career in digital communication. He quickly saw the need to break down silos and connect messaging. Miles has led these initiatives within agencies and brands alike to achieve results across industries, including Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s 100% digital advertising strategy. While there, he implemented digital and integrated strategies that resulted in brand sales going from under 20MM cases to upwards of 28MM across the portfolio. Prior to Squid, he worked with Mystic Lake, Canterbury Downs, Chevrolet, Toyota, and TCF Bank. He’s taken that experience and brought it to Agency Squid to help brands across industries take a better strategic approach. When he’s not integrating marketing plans for clients, he can be found serving as the board chair for the Advertising Federation of Minnesota.