Client Start Year End Year
Visa 2019 Current
Toyota 2012 Current
Teradata 2018 Current
Financial Engines 2014 Current
Samsung 2009 Current
Kimpton Hotels 2007 Current
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona 2015 Current
Impossible Foods 2016 Current
Google 2017 Current
PKWARE 2015 Current

Allison+Partners is new kind of global communications agency. With 30 offices and more than 450 employees worldwide, we’re large enough to handle complex assignments, yet small enough to be nimble in our approach. With one global P+L, we can put the best people on our clients’ business, regardless of location. The agency is organized around five practices: Consumer Marketing, Corporate, Healthcare, Public Affairs and Technology. All Told, which combines research, content, creative, digital and measurement expertise into one offering, works across these practices to deliver integrated storytelling for clients. Allison+Partners was named The Holmes Report’s 2019 “Best Agency to Work For,” PRWeek’s 2018 “Best Place to Work,” and The Holmes Report’s 2017 “Digital Agency of the Year."

  • Scott Allison

    Scott Allison

    Co-Founder, Global Chairman + CEO

  • Andy Hardie Brown

    Andy Hardie Brown

    Co-Founder + Global Vice Chairman

  • Jonathan  Heit

    Jonathan Heit

    Co-Founder + Global President

  • Scott Pansky

    Scott Pansky

    Partner + Co-Founder

  • Anne Colaiacovo

    Anne Colaiacovo

    President, North America

  • Matthew Della Croce

    Matthew Della Croce

    Global President, Europe + Corporate

  • Brent  Diggins

    Brent Diggins

    Managing Director, Measurement + Analytics

  • Julia Farrell

    Julia Farrell

    Global Chief Financial Officer

  • Brian Feldman

    Brian Feldman

    General Counsel

  • Jordan Fischler

    Jordan Fischler

    Managing Director, Consumer Technology

  • Richard Kendall

    Richard Kendall

    Managing Director, Real Estate

  • Courtney Newman

    Courtney Newman

    SVP, Learning + Development

  • Cathy Planchard

    Cathy Planchard

    Global President, All Told

  • Jeremy Rosenberg

    Jeremy Rosenberg

    Managing Director, All Told, North America

  • Lisa Rosenberg

    Lisa Rosenberg

    Chief Creative Officer + Co-Chair, Consumer Marketing Practice

  • Jim  Selman

    Jim Selman

    Managing Director, UK + Ireland

  • Tom  Smith

    Tom Smith

    President, Corporate, North America

  • David Wolf

    David Wolf

    Managing Director, Allison Advisory

  • Jerry Zhu

    Jerry Zhu

    Managing Director, China