Founded in 1987, Appleton is an award-winning, full-service marketing & advertising agency based in Orlando that works with local, national and international clients to help them grow and flourish.

Appleton works with both B2B and B2C companies in to develop customized marketing campaigns, media plans and public relations strategies, through all mediums, including web design and development, SEO, digital marketing, video, print and more.

The Appleton team makes your products and services shine by leveraging results-driven strategies and compelling creative.

  • Diana LaRue

    Diana LaRue

    CEO, Creative Director & Principal

    Diana has a keen eye for exceptional creativity using her special style of minimalist design to create maximum results. Right-brained creativity and left-brained practicality, Diana is a seasoned professional with an uncanny insight for the next marketing trend. How’s that for the best of both worlds? A distinguished designer and creative director who wields today’s mediums with finesse and unerring accuracy for optimal results, she is a brand expert who brings multiple skill sets to your company’s table. Designing award-winning work, exceeding clients’ goals for success and creating a culture of giving.
  • Michael Speltz

    Michael Speltz

    Vice President of Videography

    Capturing anything that moves and creating award-winning work since 1976. Mike has an incredibly creative eye. Though we’re not sure where it’s located, he uses this divine talent to see things others don’t. It’s all in the details, and that’s how Mike brings it all to life. He visualizes the scene, collaborates with the client, the writer and the talent. That’s why, from concept to completion, 16mm Film to High Def digital, Mike delivers a seamless flow that brings mere words and thoughts into compelling, engaging images that motivate, titillate and educate.