Client Start Year End Year
Secret 2018 Current
GoodLooks 2015 Current
National Kidney Foundation 2016 Current
Underclub 2016 2018
MyHeritage 2016 2018
Alfa Romeo 2016 2017
Maserati 2016 2017
Uber 2015 2017
SEI Investments 2017 2018
Samsung 2004 2007

We’re Berlin Cameron, a smart, collaborative and creative boutique agency. For over twenty years, we’ve mastered the art of finding the sweet spot where brands and culture connect. And as part of the WPP network, we combine global resources with start-up speed. With three unique divisions within our company and an industry-changing media platform we launched with Refinery29, we always have what your brand needs to make its mark. We are a full-service agency with a perspective that drives strategic, creative, experiential stopping power in the world and for the brands we serve.

  • Ewen  Cameron

    Ewen Cameron

    CEO/Executive Creative Director

  • Jennifer  DaSilva

    Jennifer DaSilva

    Managing Partner

  • Kerry Ernst

    Kerry Ernst

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Karen Flanagan

    Karen Flanagan

    Managing Director

  • Robin Potash

    Robin Potash

    Managing Director BCXP

  • Lori Brabant

    Lori Brabant

    Executive Director, Business Development

  • Michael Milligan

    Michael Milligan

    Creative Director

  • Jamie Silverman

    Jamie Silverman

    Creative Director

  • Joel Arnold

    Joel Arnold

    Creative Director

  • Anne Pol St. Pierre

    Anne Pol St. Pierre

    Head of Strategy