Client Start Year End Year
GoodLooks 2015 Current
National Kidney Foundation 2016 Current
Underclub 2016 Current
MyHeritage 2016 Current
Alfa Romeo 2016 Current
Maserati 2016 Current
Uber 2015 Current
SEI Investments 2017 Current
Samsung 2004 2007
Lexus 2015 Current

We believe culture fuels brand relevancy, growth and success. More than ever, todays brands compete for cultural attention and space. It is our mission to help our clients stand out and win this cultural battle. To do this, we create brand culturescombinations of symbols, beliefs and values that relevantly connect and align with consumers. When combined with a cultural narrative, brand cultures engage consumers, drive advocacy and propel brand growth. We act as creators and broadcasters of the brand culture narrative. Combing conventional media channels with unique possibilities offered by digital/social media, in order to propagate brand culture and inspire consumers to join in. Even the best strategies can lose impact when translated creatively. We avoid inadequacies of a traditional agency process by immediately testing creative feasibility of a strategy. This is imperative in todays fast-moving culture to save time and money, an ensure creative is relative when it hits the market.

  • Ewen  Cameron

    Ewen Cameron

    CEO/Executive Creative Director

  • Jennifer  DaSilva

    Jennifer DaSilva

    Managing Partner

  • Kerry Ernst

    Kerry Ernst

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Karen Flanagan

    Karen Flanagan

    Managing Director

  • Robin Potash

    Robin Potash

    Managing Director BCXP

  • Lori Brabant

    Lori Brabant

    Executive Director, Business Development

  • Michael Milligan

    Michael Milligan

    Creative Director

  • Jamie Silverman

    Jamie Silverman

    Creative Director

  • Joel Arnold

    Joel Arnold

    Creative Director

  • Anne Pol St. Pierre

    Anne Pol St. Pierre

    Head of Strategy

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