• Big Spaceship: The Evolving Agency - Harvard Business School

    Big Spaceship: The Evolving Agency - Harvard Business School

    This case discusses the evolution of Big Spaceship, an advertising and marketing agency, from a product-focused business to a relationship-oriented one as clients seek deeper and more meaningful long-term partnerships. The 15-year-old company had already evolved multiple times over its history as new technological platforms and services emerged to change the way people communicated and received information, and as the broader advertising industry changed. New and more aggressive competitors were emerging, and the industry was quickly consolidating. Big Spaceship had adjusted its strategy, organizational structure, and human capital accordingly. The company’s founder and CEO, Michael Lebowitz, now wondered what he needed to do to keep his company competitive in the years to come. Had he found the right way to organize his people and structure the organization following the transition from project-based to relationship-based work, or were further changes necessary? How could he keep people engaged as the nature of the work evolved in some instances to become more predictable? What new systems and processes were needed to ensure a steady output of high quality work? Lebowitz was proud that the organization had retained a distinctly different feel from, and approach to work than, traditional advertising agencies, and Lebowitz and his colleagues wanted to maintain these intangible elements as the company evolved. But was this incompatible with his business goals?

    Harvard Business School, 06/01/2016

  • JetBlue Selects Big Spaceship as Digital Design Partner – Adweek

    JetBlue Selects Big Spaceship as Digital Design Partner – Adweek

    The company will be responsible for JetBlue’s digital experiences, including its responsive site, mobile and tablet applications.

    Ad Week, 06/28/2017

Big Spaceship is an agency of 100+ creative people in Brooklyn (plus a few more in Seoul, South Korea). We’re a creative digital agency, which means, for us, the job of creativity is on everyone. Our crew members - a collection of talented strategists, technologists, analysts, producers, account types, writers, designers and UX pros - are creatives, one and all. Lots of people say “a good idea can come from anywhere.” We live that principle and have a long history of creatively solving our clients’ business challenges. Our multi-disciplinary structure allows for true collaboration in arriving at these solutions, and we value that same kind of collaboration with our clients.

  • Rob Thorsen


  • Michael Lebowitz

    Founder/ CEO

  • Cedric Devitt

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Andrea Ring

    Chief Strategy Officer


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