Client Start Year End Year
Groupon 2014 Current
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams 2014 Current
Blunck and Walhood 2014 Current
Nike Football 2014 Current
Nike Cross Regionals 2014 Current
Sun Tropics 2014 Current
Crocs 2014 Current
UrgentRX 2014 Current
Subaru 2014 Current
Eastbay 2014 Current

Bolt Marketing Group is a Portland-based event and experiential marketing agency. Don't wait for your consumers to come to you. Instead, choose high-impact event marketing as your approach to increase brand awareness and improve your brand engagements. We help our clients bring their brand to their target consumers and improve brand loyalty.

Bolt's client list includes a few of the nation's most successful athletic apparel & footwear companies, such as Nike, Eastbay, and Crocs, but it has also grown in recent years to include the likes of NW Natural Gas and Subaru of America. We also provide many small businesses with event marketing and promotional staffing solutions, which helps grow their customer base.