Boxer is a brand design agency and part of HAVI, a private firm specializing in full packaging services consulting, graphic/structure design, promotions, and supply chain logistics. Boxer is the brand design and consulting holding within the larger HAVI enterprise, with offices in Birmingham UK and Chicago US.

Boxer creates Brands by Design TM, our anthem for creating "design that works" that build client brands and businesses, not made just for art and award sake.

Boxer uniquely offers Holistic Packaging by Design TM, a holistic approach to packaging that considers both structure (3-D) and graphics (2-D) in package design, execution, and implementation.

This results of this work, and really any Boxer project engagement, is encapsulated in Boxers Brand Bloodlines, design systems which offer a streamlined approach to traditional brand guidelines that are nimble for efficient brand DNA and design translation global voice, local accent" wherever your brand lives.