Brand Communication Design creates authentic, unique and compelling brands with campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Our strength lies in our ability to define, plan and build brands. To do this, we have built a diverse team with combined decades of experience in applying proven methodologies across a large expanse of business categories. We are characterized by our professionalism, innovative spirit, and unrelenting focus on results.

  • Andy Abramson

    Andy Abramson

    Principal, Strategy & Communication

    Oversees and manages the agency specializing in asymmetrical marketing and value creation based communications, brand strategies and tactical implementation across the full spectrum of marketing services. He serves as primary client contact and when needed, the project lead for a majority of the accounts. Andy offers extensive experience with technology, online and media start-ups. Also, over 42 years of sports and consumer marketing, journalism, information dissemination and public relations with The Philadelphia Flyers, Denver Nuggets, Celebrity All-Star Hockey Team, The Upper Deck Company, FCB/Impact, Comunicano. Over the past 18 years, 46 of Andy's Comunicano clients have exited via IPO or M&A creating more than $5 billion dollars in real value for investo‍‍‍rs.
  • Rod Ige

    Rod Ige

    Principal, Strategy & Creative

    Is responsible for the agency's creative development, design, and production services. He led design team at Foote Cone & Belding, directed the branding group at Eisaman, Johns & Laws Advertising and as co-head of marketing at Universal Studios Home Entertainment was responsible for all creative output across trade and consumer advertising, product packaging, sales support and all events. From there, Rod served as General Manager for DZN The Design Group and Eclipse Advertising with full responsibility of the agency's operations, planning, account services, recruiting, creative management and business development.‍‍‍
  • Bill Ryan

    Bill Ryan

    SVP, Brand Strategy

    ‍‍‍When Steve Jobs re-took Apple's helm, he called on Bill Ryan and his Niehaus Ryan team to manage Apple's turnaround and to launch the iMac. When two internet entrepreneurs at Stanford with a little-known enterprise called Yahoo! wanted to burst onto the national scene, they too turned to Ryan. For more than 25 years, Bill has helped create, shape and evangelize breakthrough ideas that define market landscapes and drive demand.
  • John Fox

    John Fox

    SVP, Client Development

    John brings over 35 years of advertising agency experience to BCD. After earning his MBA, he entered the ad agency arena working in Account Management and Business Development. Throughout his career, John was at several well-known branding and communication companies including BBDO, Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi and Bozell. His account wins and clients over the years include Campbell Soup, Dodge Cars and Trucks, Pillsbury, Procter & Gamble, General Electric, State Farm, JC Penney, Western Union and Toyota Cars and Trucks. Most recently John has worked closely with several smaller Southern California-based advertising agencies to lead their business development efforts in the entertainment and tech arenas.‍‍‍
  • Pat Garvey

    Pat Garvey

    SVP, Client Relations

    Pat is a digital media executive with a unique blend of expertise in brand marketing, digital media technology, and content creation. His wide scope of his experience ranges from some of the world’s most preeminent brands (e.g. Disney, Electronic Arts, Mattel, etc.), all the way down to being employee #1 in an e-commerce startup.  Pat has “done it all”, and his mission now is to help his clients get it done.  He applies his deep knowledge and experience to every engagement and focuses on “moving the needle” for his clients.‍‍‍