Burns Group is a brand transformation company that bravely co-creates the futures of brands, young and old. We bring a beginner's mind to all we do; leading with new questions to get new answers, making use of our experience without being limited by it, and looking at every challenge like a start-up. With this approach, we bring bravery to established brands and experience to startups. Whether we're working at the definitional phase of a brand new business, or commercializing a legacy brand, at the center of our approach is consumer co-creation - a collaborative method that puts consumers on the front lines of brand insight and innovation, through our national platform, BrandInformers™. We've built an integrated engine for strategy and creativity, devoid of layers, hierarchy or fussy departments. We prefer workshops to dog and pony shows. Our team runs on laughter, adrenaline and Slack. Potency is at the core of our process. BG leaders are diverse in their skills and always on the front line and available - we love the work, we keep the team small and we get to creative solutions faster.