Butler/Till was founded in 1998 by two very dynamic women: Sue Butler and Tracy Till. Since then, the agency has grown to over 125 employees and over $180 million in billings, and acquired its subsidiary agency, Brand Cool Marketing. At the end of 2011, Butler/Till became an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, giving every employee a stake in the company and essentially the success of our clients. The ultimate result: higher productivity, less turnover, and an ownership culture.

Our belief:

Media is about more than message delivery—it’s about making meaningful connections between people and brands. Our team includes strategists, buyers, researchers, all united to build masterful media plans that bring out the best in our clients’ brands. In everything we do, we consider media first. Because even the most powerful creative needs the right channel.

Our services:

Strategy – Research & Communications Planning
True connections require more than simply knowing where and when to place media. You need to know why and how. Our strategy experts use every tool in the book to learn about our client’s customers—whether it’s a sophisticated suite of database tools, or a road trip to meet them in person. Then we turn that information into actionable insight.

Media Planning & Buying – Digital, Offline, Direct Response
Consumers have more channels, choices, and control than ever before. And that means brands have an unprecedented opportunity to engage. With the opportunity to execute micro-targeted mass campaigns like never before, connecting is no longer about might. It’s about insight. That’s where we come in.

Analytics – Campaign Reporting & Dashboard Development
From day one, we’ve always loved the numbers. But analytics is about more than that. It’s puzzle solving. Dot-connecting. Activating information to its fullest potential. We work to bring our client’s data to life in meaningful and easy-to-understand ways, helping make better decisions and drive results.