Client Start Year End Year
Del Taco 2012 Current
Google/YouTube 2013 Current
Sling TV 2014 Current
RE/MAX 2015 Current
DISH Network 2015 Current
Energizer 2016 Current
Amazon 2016 Current
UGG for Men 2016 Current
Verizon (Confidential) 2017 Current

Camp + King is an independently owned agency that has a minority partner in Havas Worldwide. Havas gives Camp + King a global distribution system and partner, when needed.

We make brands Conversationworthy™. Two-thirds of the economy is influenced by personal recommendations (McKinsey); we help brands better compete in this social economy by making brands more Conversationworthy™ Defined as a surge of support, approval or enthusiasm for a brand, Conversationwrothy is inspired by ideas and manifests itself in the form of virtual and real word-of-mouth advocacy for a brand. According to studies from Bain to the London School of Economics, brands that ignite the most positive conversation in their category grow, on average, four times faster than the category.

iMedia named Camp + King one of the “hottest digital shops in America.” Ad Age named them Small Agency of the Year, West Silver in 2015. Ad Age named them Small Agency of the Year (11-75 employees), Gold in 2017.

  • Jamie King

    Partner + Chief Executive Officer

  • Jamie King

    Partner + Chief Executive Officer

  • Roger Camp

    Partner + Chief Creative Officer

  • Rikesh Lal

    Creative Director

  • Shannon Gillmore

    Director of Strategy

  • David Verhoef

    Director of Production

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