• Kathryn Hahn Is the Captain, CEO of a Pirate Ship in New Ads

    Kathryn Hahn Is the Captain, CEO of a Pirate Ship in New Ads

    This is an advancement of HubSpot’s existing Grow Better platform with a media plan created in partnership with Carbon. It will utilize real and fictional customer testimonials through paid and owned channels, including HubSpot’s Media Network. The spots will air across social, YouTube, OTT/Roku and broadcast TV. Digital ads will be displayed in Logan and O’Hare airports, and there will be other OOH elements, such as ferry and bus wraps in New York and murals in San Francisco and Chicago.

    Adweek, 02/22/2022

Client Start Year End Year
HubSpot 2018 Current
Schneider Electric 2018 Current
Rockport Shoes 2020 Current
New Balance 2018 2019
Craft Sports 2019 Current
UFP Technologies 2019 Current
Exeter Hospital 2017 Current
Benchmark Senior Living 2022 Current
Vytalogy Wellness 2022 Current
Valencell 2022 Current

Mission: We create bonds between brands and people using culture, data and technology.

Philosophy: “Create a Reaction”. We have less than 5 seconds to capture a customer's attention so we can't just buy impressions, we need to make them.

Expertise & Core Competencies: We’re a full service digital and brand strategy agency specializing in strategic planning, integrated digital marketing and omni-channel creative. We specialize in B2B and E-commerce.

Our Approach: Carbon Theory is our strategic approach to solving complex challenges, rooted in the belief that by identifying the universal connectors between people and brands, we can free untapped potential. We do this through fusing cultural trends, data patterns, and technology into a singular point of clarity to drive greater business outcomes.

Culture: We develop data proxy models on a daily basis, but also speak fluent meme.

  • Steve  McCall

    Steve McCall


    Steve McCall. It sounds like a name they'd give you in the witness protection program. But this Steve McCall is the real deal. He has more than 20 years directing brand marketing across digital, experiential, and shopper marketing, and was most recently General Manager at one of Boston's largest digital agencies. At Carbon, he oversees our agency product and all client relationships, but spends most of his time telling dad jokes.
  • Nikki  Raffenetti

    Nikki Raffenetti


    If you like people with a lot of syllables in their name, then you'll love Nikki. As a senior executive at other digital agencies, she has overseen Talent & Operations for more than 200 employees across six offices. Her flair for managing people and attracting top talent has let her become an esteemed culture-whisperer. She is well respected and loved by all. If you don't feel the same way, there might be something wrong with you.
  • Jason  Rivera

    Jason Rivera


    Once you get over the excessive hair gel and bracelets, you'll fall in love with Jason's intellect. Maybe. He has spent years studying human behavior, fielding research and combing through massive data sets, trying to uncover the magic bond between people and brands. He has fielded research in every state and more than 30 countries. He's great at making complicated things simple to understand. Or was that the other way around?
  • Micah  Donahue

    Micah Donahue

    SVP, Media

    Micah leads Carbon’s media team, developing and driving media strategies that exceed client goals. Carbon’s media strategists take a “no lazy assets” approach, ensuring that every brand touchpoint builds brand value. To do that, our marketing strategies recognize a 360-degree view of media diets, including digital and traditional advertising, SEM/SEO, social, site UX/content -- and a couple platforms that launched while you’ve been reading this. Wherever a customer journey may lead, Micah’s enthusiasm for Media X Creative ideas drives innovation and results.
  • Tami Gauvreau

    Tami Gauvreau

    VP, Account Service

    In a world of grey areas, Tami is an intuitive ray of sunshine. As the lead of Carbon’s Account Service team, she is a master at bringing the best out of teams and clients, both locally and internationally. With more than 20+ years of experience in media and accounts, she enters into every relationship with an inherent sense of loyalty, grace, and the uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of each person and project. Tami not only excels in client communications, she is a translator of the unspoken word, and most certainly speaks dog.