Client Start Year End Year
Sundance 2021 Current
Cohere Health 2020 2021
Shure 2020 2021
PathAI 2021 2021
SHIFT Technology 2022 Current
Affirm 2022 Current
Contently 2022 Current
Siemens 2019 2021
FDA 2022 2022
McCormick & Company 2022 2022

Cintri is a full in-house media and production studio. We
specialize in creating content through video, animation and
design. Our short form story-showing approach is crafted for the
modern viewer, seeking to retain information as efficiently as
possible. We partner with some of the most iconic brands
globally, gaining them visibility, cutting through the digital noise.
Cintri produces content for companies like Nike, New Balance, Warrior, Amazon
Prime, Affirm, Red Bull, McDonald’s, PGA of America, FDA and many more.

The consumer landscape and the way society digests content is
constantly shifting. Story-showing conveys a unique feeling to the
end viewer. With rich visuals intertwined in a compelling way,
Cintri’s content sends the audience on an emotional journey,
elevating the companies we work with to new heights, through
measurable results.

  • Evan Schwartz

    Evan Schwartz