Client Start Year End Year
Diageo NA 2004 Current
Merck & Co. 2018 Current
Church & Dwight 2004 Current
Arby's 2018 Current
Ocean Spray 2018 Current
BIC 2018 Current
Bankwell 2018 Current
E-Alternative Solutions 2018 Current
Swisher International 2015 Current
Davidoff 2015 Current

Colangelo is a passionate team of Brand Behaviorists. We practice science based brand building through Brand Attachment, including non-traditional research, occasion-based shopper marketing and purposive design.

Using proven science, we uncover human behaviors and commercial opportunities. Our unique approach allows us to attach consumers to brands on an emotional level, creating a lifelong bond.

Colangelo humanizes brands through Brand Attachment.

Brand Attachment has been proven to save brands in need. Whether a brand is losing share, struggling to find its place in a shifting category, in need of modernization in a changing marketplace or simply being launched – we uncover the key to success by understanding the brand behavior and connecting it to the appropriate human behavior.

The Brand Attachment approach allows us to control buying behavior and gives consumers not only a reason to believe, but also a reason to belong.

  • Alyson  Tardif

    Alyson Tardif

    Owner, Managing Partner

  • Don Growhoski

    Don Growhoski

    Owner, Managing Partner

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