Client Start Year End Year
Cumberland Farms 2022 Current
Very Good Food Co. 2022 Current
Earnest 2021 Current
Motional 2021 Current
Toast 2021 Current
Archer Roose 2021 Current
athenahealth 2021 Current
Boston Bruins 2012 Current
Bowery Farming 2021 Current
epocrates 2021 Current

We help brands break through the white noise of the mundane by shaping art, technology and commerce into meaningful experiences.

We partner with brands who view bravery and bold thinking as the rule, not the exception. We pride ourselves in creating work that makes people feel something. The kind that ingrains itself into culture. Transcends media. And turns products into brands.

We are not television-first, digital-first, social-first, data-first or media-first. We are idea-first. Because that’s how problems are solved.

  • Greg Almeida

    Greg Almeida

    Executive Creative Director

    Greg started his advertising career in the mail room. Clawing his way up from the lowest rungs of corporate hierarchy, stopping at scenic vistas along the way, like “receptionist” and “what does that guy do here?” Fast forward 20 years later, and his career has seen him at the helm of agencies big and small, spearheading iconic accounts like Jack Daniel’s, New Balance and the Boston Bruins. During that time, his work has garnered an armful of industry awards — including 8 Emmy’s. It should also be noted that Greg is a first-generation American. He once dipped his toe into the world of standup comedy. And for one brief, shining moment, he was ranked the #2 Fantasy Hockey Player in the World by ESPN. A nerdy badge he wears with pride.
  • Travis Robertson

    Travis Robertson

    Executive Creative Director

    Obsessed with design. Enamored with the big idea. And armed with the weirdest backstory you’ve ever heard. Travis has worked in agencies big and small, running creative departments and giant global accounts. His work for clients like Truth, Volvo and Jack Daniels has won him every industry award, from Lions to Cubes to Pencils and more. But his true secret power is his life experience (see: backstory) which offers him a diverse perspective when approaching any problem — business, creative or otherwise. Perhaps that stems from working with Steven Spielberg at the age of 12, boxing in the seedy underbelly of Bangkok or training under the tutelage of a James Beard award-winning chef (told you.) Trust us, it’s a story worth hearing over beers.
  • Jonathan Balck

    Jonathan Balck

    Managing Director

    Working with Jon, you’ll immediately notice he possesses a rare gift — the mental acuity to merge high-level account management, creativity and strategy into one slightly misshapen skull. Working with some of the country’s best shops, Jon’s roles have ranged from Managing Director to Chief Strategy Officer to agency President. He’s won numerous accolades, including the Titanium Grand Prix Lion at Cannes. But he's most proud of earning AdAge's “Best Places to Work.” It’s not just a sign of his character, but a belief in the philosophy that a happy culture leads to better work. It’s almost like he’s a genius or something. But please, don’t tell him that.
  • Nicole Hollis-Vitale

    Nicole Hollis-Vitale

    Executive Producer

    Nicole is an Emmy-winning producer and a Jane of all media, creating integrated content for some of the world’s biggest brands. Her skillset extends far beyond the reaches of traditional broadcast. She has produced podcasts and a web series for Progressive, AR experiences for Santander Bank, massive social content programs for GEICO and the Cannes-winning interactive documentary “Clouds Over Cuba” for the JFK National Library. In addition to her agency leadership, Nicole also heads the Virtual Production capabilities for TedX Cambridge. She is a former AR rep for Deathwish Records and is well-known for her unhealthy obsession with Miss Beyonce Knowles. No judgements.