Client Start Year End Year
Wells Fargo Advisors 2017 Current
University of Colorado Law School 2019 Current
Transamerica 2017 Current
TIAA 2018 Current
The Myers-Briggs Company 2019 Current
Swank Motion Pictures 2019 Current
Sherman & Howard 2018 Current
Rippleshot 2019 Current
Obesity Medicine Association 2019 Current
National Multiple Sclerosis Society 2019 Current

CSG is a strategic communications firm that solves business problems and activates opportunities for its clients. We blend the tenets of public relations and content marketing with healthcare industry expertise, creativity, behavior design and analytics to deliver purpose-built solutions that connect and engage consumers at every step of the buyer’s journey.

  • Kristie Pappas

    Kristie Pappas

    Senior Art Director

  • Brooke Wylie

    Brooke Wylie

    Creative Director

  • Kayla Weimer

    Kayla Weimer


  • Candace Warren

    Candace Warren

    Associate Editor

  • Hannah Triem

    Hannah Triem


  • Gianna  Sutley

    Gianna Sutley

    Senior Associate

  • Mark Stern

    Mark Stern

    Vice President, Strategy

  • John Stavinga

    John Stavinga

    Senior Associate

  • Steven Shapiro

    Steven Shapiro

    Founder and President

  • Brianna Petrauskas

    Brianna Petrauskas

    Senior Associate

  • Richard Mutton

    Richard Mutton

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dan Mahoney

    Dan Mahoney

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Peter MacKellar

    Peter MacKellar

    Vice President, Strategy

  • Brad Krebs

    Brad Krebs

    Senior Associate

  • Erik Keith

    Erik Keith

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Ryan  Hoffman

    Ryan Hoffman

    Vice President, Strategy

  • Aubrey Hart

    Aubrey Hart

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Annetta Hanna

    Annetta Hanna

    Senior Editor

  • Shannon  Fern

    Shannon Fern

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Natalie Berkey

    Natalie Berkey

    Vice President, Strategy

  • Molly Anderson

    Molly Anderson

    Vice President, Operations