Client Start Year End Year
BJ's Wholesale 2004 Current
Titleist 2018 Current
Gorton's Seafood 2016 Current
Visit Williamsburg 2019 Current
Atlantic Broadband 2019 Current
Liberty Bank 2020 Current 2019 Current
City Year 2018 Current
Four Seasons Hotels 1989 2020
Salem Five 2011 Current

Our purpose is to be Defiantly Human and to defend the humanity in all of us. Because being human means there is rarely a singular or rational reason to explain WHY we like what we like, love who we love or buy what we buy, despite what data and technology like to tell us. Most of the time there is no logical explanation, but there is a human explanation. We are 120 Defiantly Human people who believe in the importance of data but also in the power of emotion. That’s why we’re in the business of pursuing the WHY. Why does your brand exist and why should your audiences care. We leverage a combination of research methods aimed at discovering these human truths that will ultimately drive awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty for your business.

  • Steve Connelly

    Steve Connelly

    President, Copywriter

  • Alyssa Toro

    Alyssa Toro

    Senior Partner, Chief Creative Officer

  • Scott Madden

    Scott Madden

    Senior Partner, Director of Strategy and Innovation

  • Dana Wantman

    Dana Wantman

    Senior Partner, Director of Brand Management

  • Scott Savitt

    Scott Savitt

    Senior Partner, Director of Digital

  • Dave Kimball

    Dave Kimball

    Director of New Business