Since our establishment in 1999, Connelly Partners has thrived on an independent spirit and a determination to prove itself. Guided by this principle, we have consistently pursued an aggressive and proactive approach to continuously strengthen our presence.

Connelly Partners is the Defiantly Human Agency, comprising a diverse team of 150 makers, thinkers and doers in Boston, Dublin, and Vancouver. We offer comprehensive marketing and advertising services, harnessing a global perspective while leveraging local expertise through integrated teams working across our offices.

We take pride in our client roster, which includes renowned brands such as Titleist, Williamsburg Tourism Council, Gorton's Seafood, Liberty Bank, New England Aquarium, Kayem Foods, New Balance, Boston Medical Center, City Year and many more.

We’re on a mission to uncover human truths and elevate their role in solving business challenges, ultimately to be the industry’s strongest advocate of the human voice. We exist to embrace the WHY. The best way to solve business challenges is to understand the customer at the most human level possible. Protecting the role of human truths helps our clients succeed.

At the core of CP's foundation are our values of empathy, ambition, integrity and curiosity. In an industry fixated on disruption, we have chosen to prioritize meaningful connections. Amidst an environment often characterized by inflated egos, we have remained humble. In a field where long hours are often expected, we have emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced life beyond the office. Our commitment to culture was recognized this year as AdAge’s A-List Best Agency Culture.