Client Start Year End Year
Samsonite 2010 Current
Gorton's Seafood 2016 Current
Four Seasons Hotels 1989 Current
BJ's Wholesale 2004 Current
New Balance 2006 Current
Massachusetts State Lottery 2010 Current
CIE Tours 2017 Current
American Express Travel 2002 Current
National Scholastic Athletic Foundation 2017 Current
Babson College 2011 Current

Connelly Partners is defined by many core tenants, ranging from how we appreciate our employees to how we appreciate data. Particularly defining is our belief in the power of empathetic data and our inability to stand still.

First, empathetic data. The personification of data and making data organic by using empathy, more specifically Affective Empathy, defines the Connelly Partners’ process. Data is everywhere and we have some proprietary and non-traditional ways to source empathetic trait and motivation data. But data is not something you simply collect. It must be interpreted and visualized to be effectual.

As for our inability to stand still, as the largest independent agency in New England we can be progressive and aggressive in ways holding-company agencies and their bottom-line mentality simply cannot. Our agency of 150 people  invests, spends, acquires, takes risks and is committed to leading our clients into the future. The agency that doesn’t invest in people, technology and the future is both sitting still and a sitting duck. Connelly Partners is never sitting still.

  • Steve Connelly

    Steve Connelly

    President, Copywriter

  • Alyssa Toro

    Alyssa Toro

    Senior Partner, Chief Creative Officer

  • Scott Madden

    Scott Madden

    Senior Partner, Director of Strategy and Innovation

  • Dana Wantman

    Dana Wantman

    Senior Partner, Director of Brand Management

  • Richard Weinstein

    Richard Weinstein

    Senior Partner, Director of Media Services

  • Scott Savitt

    Scott Savitt

    Senior Partner, Director of Digital

  • Courtney Doyle

    Courtney Doyle

    Partner, Director of Organizational Development


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