Consumer Dynamics is a strategy and innovation consultancy that delivers big ideas.

An eclectic team of creative strategists with backgrounds and skills as diverse as the challenges we tackle for our clients, we are 100% Strategic and 100% Creative.

We believe that big ideas take more than knowing where to look. You need to know how to see: Deeply. Expansively. Actively. We zero in on what’s hidden between the lines, reading beyond what people say and do to find their deeper beliefs and true motivations, and uncovering nuggets of inspiration that others may miss.

We push against the parameters, thinking imaginatively to create the possibilities of tomorrow. And we are rigorous, continually challenging our thinking, iterating our ideas and building on what we learn.

We use a wide range of creative techniques — including our proprietary tools, such as the Hive™, our unique consumer co-creation tool — to build big ideas. The result: Ideas that are big, impactful and get results because they’ve been seeded, cultivated and grown with our clients’ target. Whether it’s compelling insight-driven brand and marketing strategies or breakthrough innovations, from quick wins to major market disruptions.

We’ve helped Keurig define the positionings for its latest coffeemakers, created game-changing innovations for Gillette, and unearthed insights about today’s ever-evolving consumer to help Weight Watchers redefine its brand’s offerings. Our dynamic, hands-on approach takes you from Inspiration to Iteration to Big Ideas.

And we’re always looking for the next big challenge