Client Start Year End Year
Stand with Asian Americans 2023 2023
Farthest Star Sake 2023 2023
Bridge My Return 2023 Current
Liberty Mutual Insurance 2017 Current
Harpoon Brewery 2022 2022

We are out to destroy the current client/agency working relationship and replace it with something radical: Joy.

We're the anti-agency that helps our partners find the joy of building brands that people love.

By leveraging our extensive consumer knowledge through data and research tools from Liberty Mutual, with talented award-winning former agency people tired of the old industry bs - who love to do great work with agency partners. Together, we will build and transform brands to do well financially, do good in the world and enjoy doing it.

  • Jojo  Zhang

    Jojo Zhang

    Creative Strategist

  • Amy Appleton

    Amy Appleton

    Associate Director, Production

  • Bill  Girouard

    Bill Girouard

    Executive Creative Director

  • Julie  Heger

    Julie Heger

    Director, Integrated Services Project Management & Production

  • Warren Marenco Chase

    Warren Marenco Chase

    VP, Managing Director