Client Start Year End Year
Atty. Gregory V. Hicks 2014 Current
Wheatland Steel 2014 Current
University Hospitals 2014 Current
Home Savings & Loan Assoc. 2014 Current
Eastern Ohio Physicians Organization 2014 Current
StoneYard Grille 2014 Current
Alberini's Restaurant 2014 Current
Holloway-Williams Funeral Home 2014 Current
Strimbu Memorial Fund 2014 Current
Boardman Steel 2014 Current

Corliss Marketing Communications provides comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relations services without the burden or overhead of a large organization. Our philosophy and mission are to provide our customers the service and expertise they expect and then to exceed it.

Jean A. Corliss started Corliss Marketing Communications in 1993 after working 15 years in corporate marketing, public relations and advertising. During this time, she came to envision a need in the marketplace for a small, highly progressive firm that could respond quickly and efficiently to clients needs and requests. Consequently, Corliss Marketing Communications was born out of the concept that bigger is not always better.