Cindy Riccio Communications is an award winning public relations and digital marketing agency that builds brands and identifies newsworthy ways for their clients to exceed their goals. They combine a dynamic range of expertise, deep and meaningful connections with strategic ideas and storytelling techniques to captivate audiences. They help companies raise brand awareness and grow their business by moving the needle with measurable results.

  • Zorina Akhund

    Zorina Akhund

    Account Executive

  • Amira  Clement

    Amira Clement

    Account Executive

  • Rebecca Masson

    Rebecca Masson

    Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager

  • Vanessa  Jeswani

    Vanessa Jeswani

    Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Zeba Rashid

    Zeba Rashid

    Vice President and Director of Influencer Marketing

  • Cindy Riccio

    Cindy Riccio

    President and Founder