Creata believes in the collective power of happiness and fun in marketing. We specialize in delivering meaningful connections between people and brands through playful engagement, driving trial, affinity and loyalty in consumers. From insight-to-strategy, concept-to-production, we deliver tangible results for our clients through Creata’s unique blend of agency services and product development, while utilizing our deep experience in retail, CPG, QSR, travel, food & beverage, media, and digital to build long-term sales and market capitalization.

We are thinkers, marketers, and manufacturers, and we have become playful partners to some of the world’s most valuable brands.

  • Norma Rosenhain

    Norma Rosenhain


  • Sue  Rosenhain

    Sue Rosenhain


  • Christopher  Dimmock

    Christopher Dimmock

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Justin Frosolone

    Justin Frosolone

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Jim Tout

    Jim Tout

    SVP, Business Services

  • Armando Zuniga

    Armando Zuniga

    VP, Product Development

  • Catherine Steil

    Catherine Steil

    VP, Account Service

  • Tom Cunningham

    Tom Cunningham

    SVP, North America