• Maximizing sales while minimizing risk when working with brokers.

    Maximizing sales while minimizing risk when working with brokers.

    Working with third-party re-sellers, brokers or agents is a great way for brands to extend their reach and break into new or underserved markets. However, a bad experience with brokers can lead to a bad association with you. That’s why it’s critical to make sure you include partners in your marketing plan and provide them with the right tools and training to represent your brand in the right way. Recruiting for success. When working with brokers, many brands focus on getting in as many portfolio

    Crow Creative Agency, 02/16/2023

Client Start Year End Year
Spectrum 2017 Current
Spectrum Business 2017 Current
AUL 2017 Current
Kaiser Permanente 2017 2021
Fujitsu 2018 2020
Madison Education Foundation 2020 Current
Stride 2021 Current
Suez 2017 2020
Presidio 2019 2022

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