We make cultural curiosities into story experiences. From conceptual art and feature films to pop-ups and rock-n-roll, we create art for art’s sake and you and your ventures benefit.

  • Daedalus Howell

    Daedalus Howell

    Creative Director

    Creative Director Daedalus Howell began his career in letters as a paperboy for the Petaluma Argus-Courier. Since then, he has clocked hundreds of bylines, written novels, screenplays, and created over 40 short films, music videos, and branded entertainments. He co-created the original comic series, R&H Educational Films, co-produced the film The Aviary and wrote and directed the upcoming feature film Pill Head, which is now in post-production.
  • Karen Hess

    Karen Hess


    Hess is a designer, journalist, and photographer whose conceptual work translates notions of place into experiences while rendering memory and experience into place. She’s interested in how objects, form, and narrative map one’s inner landscape and how those expressions light a path to shared spaces of delight and understanding between people. — KH