Client Start Year End Year
Stop and Shop Supermarket 2024 Current
Dude Wipes 2022 Current
NATIVE (Deodorant) 2019 Current
AdCouncil 2022 Current
Zevo 2021 Current
Dove 2022 Current
Holland America 2022 Current
The Gorilla Glue Company 2023 Current
Stoli Vodka 2022 Current
Brooks Running 2021 Current

We're a Cincinnati-based independent, full-service agency that lives and breathes the power of being strategically curious. With core capabilities in strategy, creative, media, and analytics, we believe that asking the right questions is the key to unlocking the right solutions. That's why, when it comes to our client's business, no question is off-limits. Because for us, it all starts with curiosity. This year, we grew our business by almost 50% – surpassing $10 mil in revenue for the first time, made tremendous strides in culture and benefits, and scored our first EFFIE nod. So, how'd Curiosity go from local shop to Ad Age A-List Standout and Small Agency of the Year in 2023? This agency from Cincinnati leveraged its Midwestern charm and high-performing portfolio to unlock bigger, badder opportunities every quarter.

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  • Ashley Walters

    Ashley Walters

    Chief Development Officer, Partner

  • Trey Harness

    Trey Harness

    President, Chief Client Officer, Partner

  • Jeff Warman

    Jeff Warman

    Chief Creative Officer, Partner