• Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood - Davis Elen Advertising

    Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood - Davis Elen Advertising

    Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Selects Davis Elen as Social Media Agency of Record

    Davis Elen Advertising, 03/07/2023

  • Capturing Hispanic Hearts and Minds - Davis Elen Advertising

    Capturing Hispanic Hearts and Minds - Davis Elen Advertising

    Blog Post: Davis Elen has been ahead of the curve in multi-ethnic marketing, co-founding a Hispanic ad agency in the ‘80s and subsequently expanding our ethnic expertise to the Black and AAPI segments. This blog post focuses on our extensive experience in Hispanic marketing and includes best practices we’ve developed over the years.

    Davis Elen Advertising, 03/03/2023

  • Insights & Strategy - Davis Elen Advertising

    Insights & Strategy - Davis Elen Advertising

    Blog post: It all starts with getting to know your audience. Our strategy team blends research, market and audience data analysis and creative thinking to uncover unique insights. There’s no substitute for truly getting to know your audience, growing and changing with them as if they were your best friend.

    Davis Elen Advertising, 03/03/2023

  • Marketing to Asian Americans - Davis Elen Advertising

    Marketing to Asian Americans - Davis Elen Advertising

    Blog post: The AAPI consumer market is highly diverse. It’s the fastest growing multicultural segment in Southern California where we support clients like Toyota and McDonald’s. In this blog post we reveal how one’s immigration path shapes one’s identity. Insights we’ve derived about the AAPI audience influence how and where we connect with them.

    Davis Elen Advertising, 03/03/2023

  • LGBTQ+ Engagement - Davis Elen Advertising

    LGBTQ+ Engagement - Davis Elen Advertising

    Blog post: Charges of inauthentic brand engagement around serious social issues can be thorny, so DE’s LGBTQ+ Engagement Team offered a master class on the realities of marketing to the LGBTQ+ community. DE’s SVP of Brand Communications & Social Media Derek Morrison outlined the challenges facing brands and the strategies DE uses to help our clients build solid, authentic relationships with the LGBTQ+ audience.

    Davis Elen Advertising, 06/28/2022

Client Start Year End Year
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood 2023 Current
McDonald's Regional Co-ops 1965 Current
Toyota Dealers Association 1976 Current
Lively 2006 Current
Charter Communications (Spectrum) 2016 Current
Smart and Final 2019 Current
Asana 2022 Current
Purity Coffee 2021 Current
Zircon 2019 Current
Dice 2020 Current

Davis Elen is one of the largest independent, privately held advertising agencies in the country, with a Hispanic subsidiary, Castells & Asociadios, an AAPI division and African American expertise. Our philosophy is to "think inside the box." What does that mean? We create campaigns for clients who recognize they have their own unique set of challenges but expect cut-through, targeted, results-driven work. We take the time to deeply understand our clients’ goals, motivations, needs, competition, and constraints and tailor our strategy, creative, media and social to specifically meet these challenges. We believe that working within well-defined boundaries of a clear, single-minded key idea has always generated the most strategically sound, fresh thinking.
Retail-centric mindset – We hold ourselves accountable to results every day, month, and year.
Strategic clarity – We deploy our AI and predictive insights platform to define and profile precise audiences. Our strategy team blends research, market, and data analysis, with a dose of sound judgement to uncover unique insights for a go-to-market roadmap that will drive results.
Creative that delivers - With decades of experience, our award-winning creative team produces engaging content across traditional, digital, and social channels that compels action.
Diversity marketing expertise – No agency our size has the depth of Hispanic, AAPI, Black as well as LBGTQ+ audience insights, or integrates them into the work from the start, like we do.
Data-driven decisions – We leverage AI-powered audience insights and segmentation, custom contextual research, national databases, real-time digital metrics, creative testing, actionable dashboards, and post-campaign analysis to consistently make the right call for our clients.

  • Liz Castells

    Liz Castells

    President / CEO - Infusion

  • Greg Ahearn

    Greg Ahearn

    Co-President / Chief Strategy Officer

  • David Moranville

    David Moranville

    Co-President / Chief Creative Officer

  • Terry  Sullivan

    Terry Sullivan

    CFO / COO

  • Mark  Davis

    Mark Davis

    Chairman & CEO