Client Start Year End Year
Wolverine Boots 2023 Current
Uptime Energy Drink 2022 Current
Kraft Foods 2019 2020
Detroit Pistons 2019 2020
Lions Clubs International 2021 Current
May Mobility 2019 Current
Gucci 2021 2023
5.11 Apparel 2019 Current
Gibson Brands 2021 Current

Founded in 2019 by Tony Hawk and a couple of ad vets, we partner on planning that doesn’t smell like strategy, and invent things that don’t look like advertising. We’re a diverse cast of agency outsiders, 1000+ internet creators, and agency-trained talent, uniquely qualified to solve an equally diverse spectrum of business problems. We specialize in contemporary brand narrative development, content creation, and activations - at the convergence of strategy, creative, and technology. From guitars to autonomous shuttles and everything in between, we move at the speed-of-subcultures to make brands happen.

  • Tony  Hawk

    Tony Hawk

    Co-Founder // Chairman of the Board

    After more than 30 years of building a global brand, ranging from apparel, toys, events, endorsements, production, & one of the most successful video game franchises ever, Tony’s insight is like none other. A master at the game of relevance.
  • Adam Wilson

    Adam Wilson

    Co-Founder // Strategy & Creative

    With 21 years at creative and digital shops leading creative on brands like Jeep, Disney and Kraft, his time at Carhartt as the Director of Brand Marketing galvanized his love of strategy. He also has a hat addiction.
  • Ryan Maconochie

    Ryan Maconochie

    Co-Founder // Creative & Design

    From leading creative on iconic brands like Miller High Life & McDonalds to publishing his own children’s book and graphical maps to tasty snacks, Ryan has been a creator trapped at big agencies for 20 years. Fun fact: he was Adam’s first AD partner at JWT.
  • Melanie Westendorf

    Melanie Westendorf

    Director of Client Services

    Mel! She’s the fast-drying super glue and the conductor of the orchestra. From CPG to auto, Melanie has led brands into the digital frontier and beyond on both the agency-side and client-side. Channel strategy to budgeting and everything in between - Melanie is our center-of-gravity.
  • Jared Prindle

    Jared Prindle

    Co-Founder/Director of Production

    Since becoming Tony Hawk Inc.’s first employee, Jared has been an integral part of building everything from a successful line of Hawk apparel, growing 900 Films, and establishing a partnership with YouTube to build the Ride Channel, one of the largest skateboarding platforms on YouTube.
  • Matt Perlman

    Matt Perlman

    Business Manager

    Matt — or Matty if you're close — cut his teeth running a record label throughout the late-90s/early-00s. But honed his true superpowers working at one of the nation's top accounting firms for nearly a decade before venturing out into the ad world. A CPA with a heart of the rarest gold.
  • Rick Williams

    Rick Williams

    Cultural Advisory Board

    Proprietor of one of the hottest sneaker shops, from NYC to L.A. & a handful of other ventures, Rick is the quintessential self-made entrepreneur. His vast network in the sneaker, fashion, and music scene is driven by his love of it all. The raddest Uncle Rick you may ever meet.
  • Cathy Goodman

    Cathy Goodman

    Cultural Advisory Board Director

    Cathy’s background in production and creative editorial work is just the beginning. Her network of creators and interesting humans in general is significant, as is her ability to call bullshit right on cue. A SoCal lover, but a Detroit girl to the core.
  • Christos Moisides

    Christos Moisides

    Founding Partner/Advisor

    Christos is one of Detroit’s Renaissance men - an accomplished Director/DP with several motion picture and TV credits, including a reality-show called Detroit Rubber that featured Eminem. He’s also a prominent real estate developer deeply involved in the Detroit comeback story.
  • Mike LaFontaine Jr.

    Mike LaFontaine Jr.

    Founding Partner/Advisor

    Mike grew up helping his family build one of Michigan’s largest family-owned automotive retail companies. A seasoned investor and lover of all things tech, Mike is our resident expert on the future of blockchain mechanics beyond cryptocurrency.
  • Marcus Morabito

    Marcus Morabito

    Associate Creative Director

    Conceptor, designer, art director, team leader, problem-solver, pasta maker. Oh, and lots of beer league hockey.
  • Eliot Zuniga

    Eliot Zuniga

    Sr. Art Director/Designer

    Design maestro and illustrator extraordinaire who can make anything look good. Will challenge anyone who doesn’t agree ”…And Justice for All” is Metallica’s best album.
  • Anna Moses

    Anna Moses

    Account Coordinator

    It's her FIRST job in the ad business - and she still likes it! Anna is the keeper of all the things that need keeping. She's learning fast too. So, she could be your next boss.
  • Justin "Dud" Lawson

    Justin "Dud" Lawson


    After making his rounds at some of Chicago's top shops, "Dud" (as we lovingly refer to him) is our lead Worder Boy Wonder.