We believe creativity is the most powerful force in business. This belief has driven growth for thousands of clients since 1949. It has produced work you never saw coming driving results you didn’t think were possible. Truly creative ideas are inherently unexpected, and our mantra of Unexpected Works underpins everything we do.

Unexpected Works is a philosophy we apply to all aspects of our day-to-day. The Works part of it ensures we’re committed to true business impact, grounded in data and insights. Our suite of proprietary tools connects us to the hearts and minds of our consumers, and both identify and understand culture shifts before they happen. This enables us to future-proof our clients’ businesses by identifying opportunities to embrace shifts in culture along the connected consumer journey. Creative agility is at the heart of Unexpected Works. We move nimbly, iterate often, create, test, and learn new ways of breaking through and connecting with consumers. This leads to tighter, nimbler client-agency teams, putting us closer to what’s happening in culture, listening, and responding as opportunities arise.

DDB has a distinct and defined culture, driven by a principle established by Bill Bernbach: “To work at DDB, you have to be talented and you have to be nice.” This is something we’re proud of, and something we look for in our client partners too. Living up to Unexpected Works is not possible without unexpected talent and the diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and capabilities it comes with. Our vision is to continue to double down on this superpower to bring together different perspectives that build the strongest client teams and deliver the best creative work. That’s why we embrace the idea of “no duplicates” as both our recruitment strategy and as a way to continue to reinvent our talent and Business Leadership models in service of our clients’ businesses. All with the intention of building culture that helps build brands.