Client Start Year End Year
Mendota Heights Dental Family Dental 2023 Current
Connecticut Lottery 2018 Current
Connecticut Department of Public Health 2022 Current
ConnectiCare 2007 Current
Black Pond Brews 2023 Current
WIC 2022 Current
UCONN / University of Connecticut 2021 Current
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection 2018 Current
Connecticut Energy Marketers Association 2015 Current
Connecticut Department of Transportation 2023 Current

Decker has been an independent creative shop for over four decades. And over those years, our team has strived toward a simple goal:

Create work that connects.

It’s within this clear vision for what we create that allows us to discover the possibilities within every project. We ideate with intentionality, turn and tweak at every step, and maximize any budget by landing on smart, impactful ideas.

This leads us to work that inspires change – work that’s culturally relevant.

At Decker, we create to connect on a human level.

  • Kathy  Boucher

    Kathy Boucher


  • Andrew Kesin

    Andrew Kesin

    SVP, Strategy and Development

  • Dom Deloya

    Dom Deloya

    Creative Director/Copywriter