Client Start Year End Year
Avis Budget Group 2022 Current
HBO 2017 Current
Aruba Tourism Authority 2020 Current
MAX 2021 Current
Bravo Network 2022 Current
Nickelodeon 2022 Current
Ace Hotels 2021 Current
USA Network 2022 Current
Angi 2019 Current
Clarios 2021 Current

Deep Focus is a creative and media agency built to solve hard problems quickly and efficiently.

In cinematography, Deep Focus means keeping the foreground and background in focus at the same time, In other words, to see the full picture.

We believe to many important marketing decisions are made without seeing the full picture, so we've built a group of people and capabilities to eliminate blind spots.

  • Steve Scutellaro

    Steve Scutellaro

    Managing Director

  • Lindsey Allison

    Lindsey Allison


  • Matt Steinwald

    Matt Steinwald


  • Kyle Krueger

    Kyle Krueger


  • Melissa Brown

    Melissa Brown


  • Casey  Malinowski

    Casey Malinowski