CSAA Insurance - Super Bowl Commercial - QR Code


  • creative
  • Super Bowl
  • TV
  • brand campaign

People don’t trust their insurance provider, but people love AAA. It’s one of the reasons AAA is one of America’s most beloved brands. The problem? While we have the best story to tell about our home and auto coverage, our 13 regional markets are competing against national insurers who spend on average 20-50X more than all local markets combined - we needed a more effective way to get our message out into the world. So, we put the internet to work by pairing a song that ladders up to our values as a brand with one of the most shareable memes of all time. Then, we Rickrolled America with a 30 second spot in the Super Bowl of a QR code with Rick Astley's hair. Go ahead... scan the code... we know you are tempted.