Omni-Channel Customer Transformation

Case Study

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  • Engagement Management

Today, digital technology gives customers a myriad of ways to interact with brands, but also creates the potential for abandoned customer engagement from one channel to the next. As one of the largest communication technology companies in the world, Verizon recognized the need to drive a personalized, holistic customer experience across channels and to equip their employees with customer-centric technology to create next-level engagement anytime, anywhere. Working with Deloitte Digital on the Salesforce implementation of a powerful lead management solution, Verizon now has an omni-channel customer platform that also helps employees to capture, nurture, and convert abandoned interactions through more personalized customer experiences that can result in higher conversion rates and greater revenue per transaction. This unique approach has been so successful that Verizon, Deloitte Digital, and Salesforce have teamed up to offer a differentiated lead management accelerator available to global communications providers to help grow revenue in an accelerated timeframe.