DigDev Direct’s fundamental objective is to continue to create innovative, scalable, reliable and profitable products and solutions to meet the growing needs of the digital market place. DigDev Direct’s current operations specialize in customer acquisition and retention programs for local, regional and national brands through interactive marketing and highly targeted data campaigns. Our array of products and solutions consists of email marketing, direct mail, mobile marketing, data appending, search engine optimization, pay per click and customer profiling and analytics.

  • Shawn McNamara

    Shawn McNamara


    Shawn’s experience began in the US Marine Corps where he was a platoon leader in charge developing him into an excellent leader and allowing him to hone his executive skills at an early age. After leaving the US Marine Corps, he began his career in the marketing industry. His sense of entrepreneurship was displayed in the founding of several successful companies. Mr. McNamara has held high ranking operational positions in government, private and public companies, including holding the position of President and CEO of World Wide Web, a publicly traded online marketing company with offices in North America, South America and Australia. Mr. McNamara is credited as being one of the pioneers in the United States in permission based email marketing. In the mid 1990′s, Mr. McNamara founded his own email marketing company. In November 2005, he joined Relation Serve Access as CEO and President, which was then acquired by Come&Stay, Inc. in 2006. Shawn left Come&Stay in 2008 to help launch DigDev Direct.
  • Scott Hirsch

    Scott Hirsch


    Scott Hirsch is an online marketing pioneer who began marketing contact lenses and other products on-line as early as 1992. Mr. Hirsch was the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Lens Express, which was ranked among the 500 fastest growing private companies by Inc. magazine for three consecutive years. Scott started the first ever internet-based opt-in data collection process. He entered the commercial email marketing business in 1998 when he founded eDirect, which later merged with Naviant and became one of the largest players in the Internet direct marketing space Naviant was then sold to Equifax for $135 million. In 2004 Mr. Hirsch founded Relation Serve Media, an interactive advertising agency also specializing in email marketing. Hirsch took the company public in 2005 under the symbol RSVM.
  • Mike Richmond

    Mike Richmond


    Michael has been involved in the digital interactive marketing industry for nearly 15 years. His experience in the digital marketing space stems back to his position of Vice President of Sales at Relation Serve Media where his responsibilities included the opening of and maintenance of national accounts, specifically those consisting of Fortune 500 Companies and Global Advertising Agencies. He generated millions of dollars in revenue on an annual basis and was instrumental to the growth of the company and its acquisition in 2006 by Come&Stay, Inc. Following the acquisition, Michael took on the position of Chief Operating Officer for US Operations for Come&Stay, Inc., where he was directly responsible for the implementation of many administrative and business development programs that contributed to the company’s growth, while still growing and managing his portfolio of clients. Michael left Come&Stay, Inc. in 2008 to help launch DigDev Direct.