Client Start Year End Year
Partnership to End Addiction 2020 Current
White Plains Hospital 2021 Current
Teledoc 2022 Current
Nuovo Air 2022 Current
Apolloware 2022 Current
Aeropostale 2023 Current
University of New Haven 2022 Current
National Jewish Health 2010 Current
New York City Transit/MTA 2023 Current
Purple 2023 Current

Hi, we're DiGo. We help brands form habits that change lives for the better.

We call this Positive Behavior Change.

  • Jess Lloyd

    Jess Lloyd

    Head of Planning

    Jess develops insight-driven brand and communication strategies rooted in customer experience with a background in management consulting and advertising. Experience Optum, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Simple Mobile, Planet Fitness, BetterHelp
  • John Baker

    John Baker

    Head of Communication Planning and Media

    John is an industry leader in brand and communication strategy with more than 35 years of experience creating omni-channel solutions across disciplines. Experience PenFed, Schools First Federal Credit Union, Comcast, Colgate-Palmolive, Sprint, Vicks, Proctor & Gamble, Stouffers, Nestle, Lean Cuisine, GTE (Verizon), IBM, Kraft, Maxwell House
  • Matty Poitras

    Matty Poitras

    Executive Creative Director

    Matty makes brands feel more human and more desirable. A natural-born good listener, he believes 
in creating authentic stories with his team. Experience MTV, Product (RED), Ben and Jerry’s, Fuze, Hallmark, Toyota, Patrón, Fireball Whisky, Boar’s Head, Dunkin’ Donuts, egglife
  • Jes Manganelli

    Jes Manganelli

    Head of Account Management

    Jess is an advertising leader who’s passionate about deploying the right people and processes to bring great ideas to life for clients. Experience PNC Bank, PNC Investments, American Express, Potential Energy, Siemens, Gap, MetLife, Time Warner Cable
  • Lee Goldstein

    Lee Goldstein


    Lee is a relentless force, driving forward clients’ business objectives, making sure every light is green. Experience TradeStation, Jackson Hewitt, TD Ameritrade, Sallie Mae, Ally, Nasdaq, WW, HelloFresh, Netflix, Audible, Avon, WW, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Mount Sinai, National Jewish Health, Pfizer, WW, Echelon Fitness, White Plains Hospital, Crunch Fitness
  • Lesley Bielby

    Lesley Bielby

    CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

    Innovative strategist/agency leader Lesley is an expert in integrated approaches to consumer marketing and the use of research and data to optimize insight, business strategy, channel planning and her specialization, customer journey habit mapping. Experience Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Boar’s Head, Audi, Dunkin’ Donuts, Planet Fitness, Carnival Cruises, Calvin Klein, Mercedes Benz, Chili’s
  • Mark DiMassimo

    Mark DiMassimo

    Founder, Creative Chief

    Mark is a pioneer in Behavior Change Marketing, integrating brand, communications, online marketing, and brand storytelling. Experience TradeStation,, Jackson Hewitt, ThinkorSwim, Investors, East Trade, TD Ameritrade, Sallie Mae, Starr Insurance, Ally, Nasdaq, WW, HelloFresh, Netflix, Audible, Avon