At dio, we’re specialists – and our specialty is creating and executing integrated brand experiences. The hands-on consumer engagements and memorable experiences we create drive brand recognition, brand recall and brand loyalty. Our brand activations are sure to give your brand or product the spotlight it deserves. We develop experiential marketing strategies that that are not only imaginative but also highly integrated.

Our core capabilities include mobile tours, trade show activations, sampling, PR stunts and splash events. But let's talk about the type of experience that works best for your brand and your audience - because we're always up for the next challenge!

  • Rick Pace

    Rick Pace

    VP Experiential Marketing

    Most likely tuned into a techno music mix on his headphones, he’s the guy who thinks stuff up…and then makes it happen. In addition to his crazy-good ideations, he makes sure each brand activation is executed in the field seamlessly. Rick also pursues new business through our direct brand and promotional agency partnerships.