Client Start Year End Year
Amazon 2016 Current
Amazon Fresh 2022 Current
Pabst Brewing Co. 2021 Current
Tableau 2021 Current
BECU 2001 Current
Golden One 2015 Current
Rainier Beer 2019 Current
Sounders FC 2019 Current
Kaiser Permanente 2019 Current
Ziply Fiber 2019 Current

DNA is an award-winning Seattle-based independent agency obsessed with impact. We work with ambitious clients and brands to move people, business, and culture forward. Ambitious brands want to create impact, and that’s what we come to work to do – creating positive, lasting impact not only for our clients but for our people, and on our best days, the world at large.

  • Alan Brown

    Alan Brown

    Founder + Chairman

  • Chris Witherspoon

    Chris Witherspoon

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mishy Cass

    Mishy Cass

    Executive Creative Director

  • Christine Wise

    Christine Wise

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Megan Meagher

    Megan Meagher

    Managing Director

  • Alex Dobson

    Alex Dobson

    Director Communications Planning and Media

  • Gabe Hajiani

    Gabe Hajiani

    Director of Integrated Production