Adapt or die.

If you're standing still, you're moving backwards.


It's essential that in order to thrive, your business must remain one step ahead of your competitors and the constantly evolving state of the consumer and media landscape.


At Doe-Anderson we have been helping our clients compete and win for nearly a century, in a marketplace that changes on a daily basis. From our home base on Louisville's Main Street (in an adapted whisky warehouse), we move brands where customers are headed before everyone else gets there.


As a medium-sized agency in a medium-sized city, we know from daily experience that the forces of change are unavoidable. But letting them sweep you away into irrelevance isn't.


That's why we've continued to thrive for 100 years. And it's why the BCTDA and ACVB will benefit from our ability to see whats coming, and help you adapt as necessary to stay relevant and top-of-mind with the right audience.