• Get Pumped: 8 Filling Stations Fueled By Great Design

    Gas stations are an intriguing building type. One could argue that they are really what make American Modernism possible, as they act as a network of fueling points for its car-based urbanism. Each station has to cover its pumps from the elements, an

    Architizer, 04/28/2014


    Apple's Retail Secret: Full Service Stores - WSJ

    Apple's successful retail formula includes intensive control of how employees interact with customers, scripted training for tech support and consideration of every store detail, confidential training manuals and interviews with former employees reveal.

    WSJ, 06/15/2011

  • Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo »  Retail Design Blog

    Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo » Retail Design Blog

    As part of Nokia’s global brand positioning strategy, Eight Inc. has created a unique interactive retail environment that offers consumers a hands-on product experience that extends brand recognition and fidelity and creates a new venue for generating sales.

    Retail Design Blog, 03/14/2012

  • Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News

    Pauline Sato, director of The Nature Conservancy's Oahu program, and Al Nagasako, principal of Kapolei High School, shared a dream and asked the world to help it take shape.

    Star Bulletin, 10/12/2013

  • 8 inc Client Gap Opens First Retail Location in Japan

    For Gap, Ginza location was their first retail store to open in Japan. This rebirth of this new flagship is at the best location possible in Ginza facing Harumi-dori.

    Luxe SF, 03/14/2011

Client Start Year End Year
DonorsChoose.Org 2013 Current
Jawbone 2013 2014
ECN 2011 2012
New York & Company 2012 2013
Honu Group 2001 Current
Ping An Bank 2012 2014
Bently Holdings 2013 Current
Miami Science Museum 2013 2015
Singtel 2015 Current
China Merchant Bank 2014 Current

We are 170+ strategic designers and business creatives connected across 12 studios, 7 time zones and 3 continents. We don’t believe in narrow roles like ‘users’ or ‘consumers’, humans are far more interesting and complex. We don’t think purely ‘digital’ or ‘physical’, reality is more fluid and interconnected. We create holistic experiences that become more than the sum of their parts. Our holistic approach has generated extraordinary value for clients like Apple, Citibank, Virgin Atlantic and Tesla. We know from our experience that the best approach is discovered through dialogue, and we have worked successfully this way with a variety of corporate cultures and external consultants and in a range of organizational frameworks. We pride ourselves on having unique perspectives that reach beyond that of a typical design consultant. Leading members of our team have worked on the client side, and several were formerly clients of Eight Inc.. That perspective has helped us understand clients’ concerns and enabled a freer exchange of ideas, often times leading to paradigm-shifting results. We have implemented a number of complex projects around the globe, and have a stellar reputation of ensuring that all our projects are on time, on budget and uphold the highest standards for quality. We have long-standing relationships with some of the finest consultants, contractors and fabricators in the industry and work across disciplines in our studios on a daily basis. Eight Inc. is renowned for innovative and successful projects worldwide. Our work calls for continually investigating changes in attitudes and lifestyles, changes within the global community, as well as the social and architectural conditions that influence human interaction and aspirations. Our goal is to create experiences through design that inspire passion and generate visual excitement, communicate effectively, and engage the user in a meaningful and emotional manner. Founded in 1985, Eight Inc. has been at the forefront of creating energized and ground-breaking experiences. Our partnerships with visionary clients have produced an acclaimed body of work, setting new trends and created new paradigms. Our studios are organized to provide a holistic understanding of the factors that drive the success of projects at all scales. From site planning to building design to the development of the smallest fixture detail, we are focused on designs that create emotional and physical connections to the user, the community and the place.

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